BG760 ACE 30” Variable Speed – Electric

  • Heavy Duty 1.5kw motor
  • 16 Bladed Cutting Cylinder
  • Variable Speed Control (Potentiometer)
  • Backlapping Capable
  • Dead Man’s Bail Bar
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The BG760 Ace Machine is an upgraded version of the conventional BG760 Bowling Green Mower.

Some of the following features outline the improvement to the conventional design:

  • Variable mowing speed, adjustable from the operator’s position, resulting in improved ease of use and quality of cut
  • Safety cut-out Handle with interlocked safety startup.
  • Rubberised operator’s handle and control lever. Protects the operator from shock in the event of an electrical short.
  • The direction of the Cutting Cylinder can be reversed, allowing operators to back-lap (sharpen) their Cylinder without needing to remove the reel/send their cylinder to a sharpening facility.