HD (Heavy Duty) Cylinder Mower Range

The machine can be purchased in the following sizes:

  • HD610 (24”) fitted with 5HP/6HP Engine
  • HD760 (30”) fitted with 9HP/10HP/12HP/13HP/14HP Engine
  • HD914 (36”) fitted with 12HP/13HP/14HP Engine

The machine offers the following features:

  • Dual Clutch system (the machine can independently drive without the engagement of the Cutting Cylinder)
  • 8 bladed Cutting Cylinder and High Cut Bottom Blade (min. height: 6mm)
  • Rubberised Rear Rollers for additional traction
  • Can be converted to a Groomer, Verticutter, Scarifier or Sweeper with the purchase of additional cassettes

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These three Heavy Duty Cylinder Mowers are ideal for athletic tracks, rugby fields, cricket ovals, hockey fields, private estates, soccer fields or any formal grass areas where a perfect cut is required. The machine is particularly suited for contractors and municipalities. Also popular with Golf courses for tees because the back drums are rubberised and give additional traction needed on slopes.

Change-over time from a Cutting Cylinder cassette to another cassette is only 15 minutes.

The HD760 and HD914 are fitted with larger engines and can be utilised in conjunction with a trailer seat, to transform the HD mower into a ride on mower.

To sharpen the cutting cylinder without having to remove it from the mower, the Protea Backlapping machine can be used.

The designs of the three mowers are identical, but the HD914, in particular, has become popular over the last few years. 95 HD914’s were supplied to most soccer stadiums in 2010 for the FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa. In 2012 the HD 914 was used in the UEFA Soccer European Cup. In 2013/14 the HD 914 was used in most stadiums for the African Cup Soccer Championship. Another reason why the HD machines have become popular is because of the quick and easy conversion of a mower into a powerful Verticutter machine.

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