Protea Machine at an event

Protea Machines (Protea Turf Equipment CC) has been in existence for over 40 years and is totally committed to the manufacture of its own range of industrial machines to the turf industry.

We specialise in the manufacture of machines for bowling greens, golf courses, football stadiums, cricket fields and other stadiums.

Our greatest strength is being able to adapt to a changing market and technology. We continually update our manufacturing methods, always on the lookout for a more economical option without sacrificing quality.

Our main aim is to produce a strong/basic machine, which is affordable and can operate under the toughest conditions and complies with stringent European and American specifications.

The Protea brand is firmly established in South Africa, and well known for their quality and reliability, and there is a Protea Dealer in every major centre. During the 2010 Fifa Soccer World cup, most stadiums were using our H.D 914 mower. In 2013, we also supplied the same machine to the Soccer African Cup contractors, and in 2012 – UEFA Cup/Europe.

We export to Africa, Mauritius, Dubai, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

In New Zealand, the Protea Bowling Green mower is advertised as the most advanced and safest machine in the market.

In 2003, Protea cylinder mowers passed inspection in Europe and are C.E rated. Export accounts for 60% of our sales.For further information, please click here to view our products.