Backlapper Electric

There are some major advantages:

  • Having your cylinder re-ground is time consuming and keeps the mower out of action.
  • Frequent grinding will shorten the life of the cutting cylinder.
  • Backlapping will improve the cutting action by removing nicks and high spots and will give you a perfect mating between the cutting cylinder blade and bottom blade.
  • Backlapping increases the life of the bottom blade.
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Grinding of cutting cylinders is generally done twice a year. However, backlapping the cutting cylinder can be done after every cutting, because it only takes an average of 7 min.

The Protea Backlapper can be used on all reel mowers. One only needs to change the driving cog to suit the mower. The picture shows the driving cog for the Protea HD mower.

The driving cog fits in and around the cutting cylinder sprocket and drives the cutting cylinder. The cutter chain needs be removed beforehand.