SVG760 Blade-Type Scarifying Reel

  • Designed for the total removal of turf on any playing surface
  • Necessary for annual spring treatment
  • Blades are made of specially hardened and tempered spring steel
  • The Reel is supplied as a complete unit with bearings
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The Scarifier blades are almost identical to the Verticut blades but the ends are offset or bent.

A typical Scarifying application is the spring treatment of bowling greens and cricket pitches at the beginning of the season. The upper layer of thatch needs to be totally removed in preparation for the laying of new green.

Scarifying is necessary not only on greens but on any lawn where there has been a constant build-up of thatch, which will make the grounds spongy.

With certain grass types such as Kikuyu, the thatch can build up and become so strong, that it becomes impossible to maintain a constant height of cut with your lawnmower.

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26 hardened and tempered spring steel blades


Supplied with unit


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SVG760 Blade-Type Scarifying Reel

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