Rotary Mower Range

The machine can be purchased in the following sizes:

  • ROT610 (24” cut) fitted with 12HP/13HP/14HP Engine
  • ROT750 (30”) fitted with 12HP/13HP/14HP Engine

The machine offers the following features:

  • 2-speed gearbox (with additional neutral gear)
  • Cutting Disc featuring 4 Swing-Blades
  • Deadman’s operating lever for safer usage
  • Cutting Height: 12mm-75mm
  • Cutter Deck fitted with hose attachment for easy cleaning
  • Vulcanised Heavy-Duty Rubber Rear Wheels

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Extra-large Rear Wheels 355mm diameter x 100mm wide for additional Traction. Rubber is reinforced with an inner steel disc. Rubber will not come off or slip.

4 hardened Swinging Blades are fitted to the cutter disc. Most manufacturers fit only 3. Furthermore, our blades are extra-long for a cleaner cut and longer life.

Sliding blocks for the lifting frame are made from hardened high tensile steel. Not the usual sliding soft brass blocks.

Top Deck is fitted with skids allowing it to float and slide rather than digging into the ground. On the inside of the Top Deck a deflector is welded in place to protect the main spindle from tall grass wrapping itself around.

The ROT750 machine can be purchased together with a Trailer seat, effectively upgrading the machine to a ride-on mower.

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