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Our mission is to produce a strong/basic machine, which is affordable and can operate under the toughest conditions and complies with stringent European and American specifications.

Our greatest strength is being able to adapt to a changing market and technology. We continually update our manufacturing methods, always on the lookout for a more economical option without sacrificing quality.

Exclusive Discounts

Sales Referrals

Access to industry related information


Sales recommendations on specific applications


Expertise in the turf industry

We require our dealers to have already acquired the knowledge of the various intricacies related to both the domestic and industrial applications of the lawn industry so as to more accurately meet end users needs.

An established customer base

We prefer our dealers to have already built up an existing list of clientele within their respective region.

A showroom or storefront

Should a potential dealer wish to take advantage of our full stockist dealer discounts, we would require them to be able to display our range of products. We also feel it is important for customers to be able to meet with our distributors in person from time to time.

The ability to carry out maintenance and repairs on turf equipment

In order to provide Protea customers with any aftersales support they may require, we appreciate dealers that are in a position to offer services such as cylinder sharpening, engine maintenance and general repairs on our equipment. We are always prepared to support our dealers should they require assistance.

Financial stability

Should a potential dealer be applying for 30 day account with us, we will need to carry out a credit check that the dealer would need to pass before an account can be opened in their name.

An active sales force

We appreciate dealers that maintain a functioning sales team that is regularly in contact with potential customers in their respective region and are continuously exploring new sales opportunities.

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“I need equipment that is strong and Protea is

“Protea machines have succeeded at every challenge that they have faced.”

“Protea machines fulfil my every need, with toughness and durability”


Have any questions or need clarification on something? We might have answered your questions already. Read through these frequently asked questions below, otherwise you are welcome to send us a message.

I am interested in being an authorised distributor of Protea Turf machinery in my region. How can I become one?

Please fill in the short questionnaire, by clicking hereWe will be in contact as soon as we have received the required information from you.  

What do you look for in a prospective Protea Turf distributor?

We require our distributors to have already been trading in the turf industry as well as having acquired knowledge of various turf machinery in both the industrial and domestic market.  

It would also be advantageous to the aspiring distributor should they be situated in a region that we do not currently cater for as well as having already established a customer base. Should a potential distributor offer services such as cylinder sharpening, engine servicing as well as equipment repairs and maintenance, it would work to their benefit. 

Do you offer credit facilities?

We offer 30-day terms to aspiring distributors within South Africa, provided they pass our credit application process.  

Potential distributors situated outside of South Africa will have to settle their account before the goods can be prepared for collection from our premises. 

Do you offer discounts to distributors?

Yes, we do. We have differing discount structures dependant on whether you aim to become a stockist dealer or a simple reseller.

Will my business be linked on your website?

Absolutely. The moment distributorship has been established; we will include your business in our dealer locator as seen hereAdditionally, we will also forward any customer enquiries we receive from your region on to you as we prefer to support our distributors.     

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Are interested in selling Protea machines? We are always on the lookout for dealers and distributors who are already trading in the turf industry in both the industrial and domestic markets. If this sounds like you, click the button to apply now.

Protea dealers and distributors benefit from unique discount offers and credit facilities. Our complete range of industrial and domestic machines, as well as accessories, are available for resale. Apply to be a Protea dealer here.