3 things to consider when buying a lawnmower for home use

29 Jan 2021 | Domestic Lawn Care

We have tried to simplify it down to the top 3 things to consider when buying a lawnmower for home use. With so many options come so many questions. So how do you even start looking for the right lawnmower?

Of course, this is not a purchase you want to make a mistake with because it comes at a price. You want to be able to invest in a turf machine that will keep you perfectly mowing your lawn for years. With each time looking as fresh as the last. Mowing your lawn is not only a chore but mostly a lifestyle. The freedom to be outside in your own time and creating a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy. Which is exactly why you want to make sure you consider all factors before investing.

The top 3 factors should be considered when choosing the best lawnmower for your home:

  1. The size of your garden:
    If you reside in a townhouse with a small garden, a 14” cylinder mower would suffice, but if you have a garden of 3000m², the 25” cylinder mower be more suitable.
  2. Another point to consider is the spacing between flower beds.
    The closer they are together, the more difficult it would be to cut between them with a larger machine.
  3. Finally, the most important factor to take into consideration would be your budget.
    Although it would be prudent to remember that buying cheap, could work out more expensive in the long run due to high maintenance costs on a “cheap” machine.

Protea lawnmower for home use mowing a garden

The different types of lawn mowers for home use:

Cylinder Lawnmower:

A cylinder lawn mower has between 6 to 12 exposed blades at the front of the mower, rotating on a horizontal axis trapping & slicing the grass against a fixed bottom blade, in a scissor-like action.

Rotary Lawnmower:

A Rotary lawnmower has a cutting deck with rotating blades on a singular vertical pivot point. They cut your lawn with a fast – rotating chopping action, that in most cases tears and damages the grass leaves which prohibits new growth.

[Link to our blog – choose cylinder over a rotary mower]


There are 2 power options available for domestic lawnmowers

Electric & Petrol

Protea Electric lawnmower for home use Protea Petrol lawnmower for home use

These are a few points to consider when choosing which option is best for you:


This is where petrol mowers win out. For example, an electric SI510 is fitted with a 1HP motor, but the SI510 Petrol is fitted with a 5HP engine, which makes cutting a large garden child’s play.

Smell & Sound

If you happen to be environmentally conscious, a petrol mower may not be the way to go. They are a lot noisier & smellier, with exhaust fumes that are released into the atmosphere.


Electric (Corded) Mowers provide endless run time, but you are limited by how far the cord can extend. You may have to unplug and move the plug regularly while mowing, adding extra extensions is not advisable as it can lead to motor failure. Electric Mowers also tend to be a lot lighter than Petrol Mowers.

Petrol mowers are unbound by cords, making them a better choice for larger properties with limited power points. The other obvious advantage in South Africa is even when load shedding is taking place, you can still keep your lawn in tip-top shape


Do you want to give your lawn the manicured finish found on greens and professional sports fields?

Protea Machines has you covered with our exciting domestic range perfect for home use no matter the size our your lawn and the type of lawnmower you would prefer.

Our SI Range (Semi Industrial) Domestic Mowers, are available in Petrol and Electric. They are in the following sizes: 14” (355mm) – 17” (430mm) – 20” (510mm) and 25” (630mm). They are available with petrol engines & electric motors.

The S.I Mowers are for domestic use and are therefore fitted with 6 Bladed Cutting Cylinder. The 6 bladed cutting cylinder is ideal for home use where the lawn is possibly cut less regularly, fewer blades ensure a better cut on longer grass. There is no need for a 9 or 12 Bladed cutting cylinder for domestic use. However, should you wish to upgrade to a 9 or 12 Bladed cutting cylinder, the machine can be customized at an additional cost.

Furthermore, all domestic mowers are fitted with rubberized back drums. They give you better traction than the smooth steel drums (greens mowers), especially in wet conditions and gardens that feature an abundance of undulations.

It is important to mention that our electric range comes standard with 25m long extension. Should you have a larger property it is not advisable to fit a longer extension or connecting 2 x extensions as this could lead to motor failure. Looking at purchasing one of our domestic mowers with a petrol mower would then be advisable.

As a domestic machine, the Protea SI will give your lawn the same manicured finish found on golf and bowling greens as well as cricket pitches, with its perfectly manicured stripes as found on professional sports fields. The machine is similar to our Greens mowers but has been modified to make it more affordable & practical for home use.

Our Domestic range has the added advantage of having a range of optional extras or accessories available for purchase separately. They include Groomer Reel, Pin-Type Scarifier Reel, Nylon Sweeper Reel as well as a Transporter Cradle.

Check out our out products here.




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